Diwali 2013

Arts and Crafts

Clay Lamps

Diwali is an Indian festival of lights. It’s a joyful celebration and many of its symbols – diyas, rangoli, flowers and fireworks –make ideal subjects for exploration with kids through arts and crafts. As a part of our Diwali celebrations, we planned arts and crafts session for our Baladatta kids.

Diwali diya is a clay craft idea which children enjoy because it is fast, simple, colorful, pretty and the results can be used quickly! Our Baladatta kids were very excited to create these diyas. With the air dry clay, candles and decorative items like Golden sparkles our kids with their ideas created colorful diyas. Each one of our kids showed great enthusiasm in making their diyas and absolutely loved them. They also performed aarti with these diyas.

These types of sessions educate our kids the legend and significance of Diwali. By getting our Baladatta kids involved in doing this activity, the real festive spirits flourished in their little hearts.