Language Telugu

02/25 –

Group discussion – Last class, the children learned the song”Ma Telugu Talli” and as a class, we collectivley went over the meaning of the song. Children were directed to practice this song as homework, parents- please make the children practice! (link attached below):
Alphabets were taught according to the child’s capability and experience with Telugu. The children who learned all the alphabets prior, learned the first five secondary forms of vowels in Telugu. Children were instructed to do the designated page numbers, which I assigned last class, for homework as well.

02/11 –

Group discussion : We taught the first paragraph in “Ma Telugu Talli ki” please help the children memorize it.
All the younger and older children have mastered the Vowels, compared the english and telugu vowels in detail, common vowels in english (a,e,i,o,u) short and long vowels and additional vowels, they need to tell the combined vowels in  the next class, please review with your  children.
Children who have mastered the Vowels and moved on to the consonants are working on the letters before, after and in between.
We gave 3-6 lines of poems  in the last class, please review those with the children, those are from the book “Nava yuganiki Navya Kavitham” by Sri Ganapthi Sachchidananda Swamiji.

01/14 –

Group lesson – Memorized days in a week in class and also practiced numbers and played a game towards the end of class.
Reviewed alphabets corresponding to each child and their level of learning.
A small request for parents to practice the colors, numbers and Months in Telugu.

10/08 –

Group discussion – Importance of Yugadi, Name of the year and the Months in Telugu. Counting numbers in Telugu. Alphabets were taught indvidually, matching the intial letter to word and picture.