April 27th Group 3

Revision Annapoornashtakam



Revision Vaaranasya Vakratunda
Vaaranaasya Vakratunda
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Datta Tumahi


The End of Mahabharata

After the death of Bhisma, Drona, Karna, and several other Kaurava brothers, the only one remaining was Duryodhana. He was also killed by Bhima after an endless fight. Thus all the Kaurava brothers were killed and the war ended after 18 days. Millions were dead.

Gandhari finds out that all her sons were dead. She then curses Sri Krishna that he and his dynasty would also be die similarly. Sri Krishna gets killed after several years by a hunter who mistakes him to be an animal.

The Pandavas rule the kingdom for several years, and when time comes for them to leave the earth, they all climb the mountains doing pilgrimage. All the Pandava brothers and Draupadi (except Yudhishtira), fell down and died climbing the mountain. The only remaining were Yudhishtira and his dog. Indra came and asked Yudhishtira to join him to heaven, but did not allow his dog. Yudishitra was disappointed because his dog was not let, and he said he would rather stay at earth if his dog isn’t allowed.

The dog being pleased, took its actual form, Dharma. They smiled at Yudishitra passing the test and was thus let into heaven. There he saw all the Kaurava brothers. When asked about his Pandava brothers, Indra replied they were elsewhere in hell. Yudisthira insisted in him beign with his brothers. So he was taken to the foul smelling hell. He was astonished at the torture. Indra gave him an option to return to heaven without his brothers. Yudihstira rather chose to stay with his brothers in hell. Smiling Indra said Yudhishtira passed his final test again, and that the place he was, was in deed heaven. All his brothers, along with the Kaurava brothers were in heaven with him.

Thus Yudhishtira finds eternal happiness in this unity.


Jealousy and hatred is what that leads to unnecessary thoughts and evil natures.

Leadership Series

The children practiced the leadership presentation for the Annual day. A separate email will be sent to the Group 3 parents with the information about additional practice sessions.


Standing, earthtouch, monkey, mountain, swam, (alternating sides) swan, swan rolls, (other side), serenity , serenity twist, (other side), roll down, knees to chest, butterfly, butterfly twist (other side) , lotus, flowing om arm dance.